Casa en el Arbol Enraizada

by Urbanarbolismo
Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo

Here’s the rooted tree house, our last tree house hidden somewhere between the pastures of Extremadura.
The project emerged as a place of adventure for kids and a hideaway, a place of relaxation for adults. The organization structure of the home becomes part of the tree and the building materials used integrate with the oak, these have been the main objectives of the project.
The configuration tree, a centenarian oak, offered an excellent opportunity to make a tree house, provided the project was not cutting any limbs, or nailing anything in them to do perform a measurement using photogrammetry tree what we allowed to generate accurate 3D model of the tree structure.
From this 3D model is developed throughout the project, the house grows from the structure of the tree, against the trunk central and deploying its root-like structure that is anchored to the surrounding terrain.
From a distance the house is almost completely camouflaged by the foliage of the oak leaving only his roots as if they were part of the estate on which rests the tree itself.
The room fits perfectly into the central space of the tree, the porch is integrated with branches that cross giving the feeling of being surrounded by nature.
The roof is designed with heather zone material, which is well suited to the branches that cross the deck giving the feeling of the branches out of the home.
Many of the meetings with the field structure have become forms of access to the house, a bridge, a rope ladder, a slide and a rear staircase that allows access to the house through a side window.
The lighting inside the house has been designed to simulate natural lighting from the outside through the windows.
To the side of the house we selected as finishing oak bark cuts freshly uncorked without any treatment. It is a zone material, known for its cork industry, which by its nature resists weathering and thanks to the humidity will be populated with mosses and lichens.

Photos courtesy of  Urbanarbolismo

  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo
  • Casa en el Arbol Enraizada Urbanarbolismo



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